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Poster: Ssag Date: Jan 8, 2007 1:38pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: A late hit

Wowser.... I was kidding but I guess it did not come off as such when I said "at least you credited the author" it was obviously a poor attempt at humor that was misunderstood. I do understand how the connection was made though. I bash Doc for slamming the guy who made a silly innocent mistake when he posted an article about 5-7-77 and I even go on and try to defend him because I thought it was lame for Doc to have done that to him. And then I go and make a cooment about the same issue, I can see it but I also can see I made my punchline w/o the normal LOL or JK that I should have.

Bad joke. BTW I know I am a dick no need to reinforce it. Funny and me included how we love the name calling when we are afar from each other.

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Poster: Jerrob Hungar Date: Jan 8, 2007 3:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: A late hit

I'm a newbie to writing on the forum but I've lurked for years (not because I thought there was anything wrong with the forum but because I had psychic constipation issues (which I think I've worked out!)) and as an unbiased observer I've seen the forum evolve as a family does. In the UK we have a tv soap called coronation street where the characters argue almost all the time and it can be very funny and thats what some of these threads remind me of. I loved the conspiracy episode. Please don't think I'm being patronising because I think the forum is becoming more inclusive and I look forward to that inclusiveness embracing cultural and genderal (eh?) diversity. My 2p. (about 4 cents at current rates) ps to BlueMtMan I agree that its fiddly when you want to check a thread from two days ago but I just click on any of the names and it takes me somewhere interesting funny sad. And I also miss some of the folks who take a sabbatical from time to time but thats their business.